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Our Story

The Philosopher's Stone

The philosopher's stone was a legendary pursuit by alchemists of a substance with magical properties. The infamous symbolic "ruby-red stone" could be used to create the elixir of life for health and longevity by transforming the impurities found within us into the purest state of self. For many centuries, the Philosopher's Stone was the most sought goal in alchemy. 

The Philosopher's Stone Apothecary was envisioned to build upon these same principles that promote natural healing & wellness. Our wellness consultants aim to promote higher-level energy and offer client's a unique way of aligning the conscious and unconscious aspects of one's self.

The idea of an apothecary is not a new concept. Before pharmacies existed, people sought out their local alchemist at the local apothecary for natural healing remedies and guidance for physical, mental, and spiritual health improvement.


I have always lived life naturally and organically conscious. Growing up in a traditional Sicilian family emphasized a strong foundation of community and an appreciation for the bounty offered to us by Mother Nature.

Learning to respect and cultivate the abundant natural resources from the land, our ancestors worked in tandem with an inherent understanding of extracting properties in the natural environment for creating remedies for the body to heal.


They passed on the basic knowledge that organic foods, herbs, essential oils, and precious stones contain preventative and curative properties that can be alchemized and used for natural healing.


The Philosopher's Stone Apothecary is your modern-day apothecary that offers natural healing remedies and alternative healing services that help clients reach their optimal mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual balance for health recovery and wellness.

Alchemy is the tradition of redemption of spirit from matter; a process of transformation. The traditional understanding of alchemy accentuates the belief that "to heal is to evolve and to evolve is to heal". 

Our goal at the Philosopher's Stone Apothecary is to consult and inspire self-improvement, wellness, and healing by offering clients a practical form of physical healing, therapeutic counseling, and spiritual growth.




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