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We offer custom parties for groups of up to 12 in our private mini yoga room and shop space. Email us at with your desired date, number of participants, and the occasion, and will work up a plan and pricing to suit your celebration.


Birthday Party: Crystals, Yoga/Meditation, Water/Snacks

A birthday party infused with stones, crystals, and yoga for a delightful and unique celebration!

* Crystal Energy Meditation: Begin the party with a calming meditation session to encourage everyone to set positive intentions. 

* Yoga Flow with Crystals: Each guest will choose a crystal to place near their mat.

* Chakra Balancing Sequence: Yoga flow that focuses on balancing the seven main chakras. 

* Crystal-Infused Water and Chakra Snacks: We will serve water infused with crystal energy and healthy snacks like fruit or nut bars.

* Crystal Party Favors: Guests will go home with a small Crystal gift. 

Girls Night Out Party: Yoga, Readings, Tea/Snacks

Gather your besties for a magical GNO party! An enchanting evening filled with relaxation, connection, and self-discovery while celebrating the magic of friendship!

* Yoga Session: Start with a calming yoga session with soothing music. Breathe, stretch, and find your Zen.

* Tea Time: After the spiritual Yoga journey, indulge in a tea ceremony with freshly brewed fragrant herbal teas served with Chakra snacks with fruit, chees, or nut bites

* Readings (Tarot, Numerology, or Chakra): Guests can choose a reading to explore the mysteries of the universe and gain insight into your path.

* Crystal Corner: Each guest can choose one crystal or gemstone that resonates with them and learn about their properties and energies. 

Corporate Team Building Party: Mindfulness Yoga/Meditation, Creativity & Productivity, Tea/Snacks

A team-building party can be a fantastic way to strengthen bonds, improve communication, enhance collaboration, and boost morale among your team members!

* Mindful Yoga/Meditation: Start with a gentle yoga session to encourage team members to stretch, breathe deeply, and find balance. Follow up with a guided meditation to help team members clear their minds, reduce stress, and improve focus.

* Creativity Flow Station: Creative stations where team members can express themselves through activities like writing or even a collaborative mural to boost creativity and enhance problem-solving skills.

* Productivity Workshop: Presentations on time management, efficient work habits, or project planning. The practitioner will share productivity tips and techniques that team members can apply in their daily tasks.

* Tea and Snack Break: Take a break with freshly brewed herbal tea and Chakra snacks to chat and recharge.

Chakra Healing Party: Chakra Meditation, Chair Reiki, Crystal Healing, Tea/Snacks

A Chakra Healing party focused on addressing grief, loss or disappointment is a beautiful and nurturing experience. The intention is to honor emotions, support healing, and create a safe space for everyone.

* Chakra Meditation: A guided heart-centered meditation to help participants connect with their emotions encouraging them to feel any grief or sadness without judgment.

* Chair Reiki: Reiki is a wonderful practice for emotional healing by focusing on releasing emotional blockages and promoting balance.

* Crystal Healing: Each participant can choose a crystal that resonates with their emotions (Rose Quartz, Lepidolite, Rhodonite, Malachite, Dalmatian Jasper, or Black Onyx).

* Tea and Chakra Snacks: After the healing practices, gather for a cozy freshly brewed herbal tea and Chakra snacks session that can complement the healing process.

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